My name is Marcus Slease. Some people say sleeze. I am used to that. But really it is s+lease. Like leasing a car and adding an s.

My poetry and fiction is in love with poets like Eileen Myles and Bernadette Mayer and Frank O' Hara and Ted Berrigan and Ron Padgett. Also Philip Whalen and some of Jack Kerouac. Both my fiction and poetry is in love with Richard Brautigan and also quite a lot of Russian absurdism and French and Spanish and Polish and American surrealism. Yeah surrealism! There is always more. There is never enough.

My latest book of poetry is RIDES (2014).

Rides has a special mission. This is one of them:

Some other books:

Spanish Fork SPANISH FORK (Country Music 2014)

Mu (so) Dream (Window) from Poor Claudia. Written while living in Seoul South Korea in 2006.
MU (Dream) SO (Window)

My recently finished novella is called Never Mind the Beasts. It is a memoir of magical travel.